Object  + Visual 

Object + Visual

Eterna / New SuperKonTiki

Form Study and Material Development / Part 2

Proportion Study, Material and Finishes Development

Space and Proportion Study of the Dial, the Bezel and the Hands

Country: Switzerland
2015 at Baselworld
Watch Designer, Art Director and Consultant
Duties: Watch Design, Material Development, Product Identity, Packaging Design, Art Direction, Logo, Graphic Design.
The name KonTiki should sound familiar to vintage collectors and dive watches aficionados. Since 1958, Eterna had a KonTiki watch in its collections, a watch made to celebrate the famous expedition across the Pacific.
Since 1962, there’s also the Super KonTiki, a professional edition with rotating bezel made to dive in deep salty waters.
–– For Baselworld 2015, Eterna came back with a 1973-inspired reissue of the Super KonTiki, that includes a regular collection plus a full black limited edition.