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Eterna / New SuperKonTiki

Introduction / Part 1

Country: Switzerland
2015 at Baselworld
Watch Designer, Art Director and Consultant
Duties: Watch Design, Material Development, Product Identity, Packaging Design, Art Direction, Logo, Graphic Design.
On April 28, 1947, Thor Heyerdahl (1914-2002), Norwegian ethnographer, botanist, and zoologist, crossed the Pacific Ocean on a wooden raft, named KonTiki after an Incan Sun God, to prove that ancient pre-Columbian Indians of South America could reach Polynesia with the help of the Humboldt Current and the Passat wind. In addition to a hand-cranked radio for weather reports, he and the crew were equipped with six Eterna timepieces.
After 101 days and nights on the high seas, when they finally arrived in Polynesia, the voyage was declared a success.

Eterna designed a unique collection in honor of the dangerous adventure. Called KonTiki, the line has consistently been one of the brand’s most popular collections.