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Object + Visual

Swatch / Sistem–51

Product Identity / Part 3

The S-51 Product Identity Manual

The S-51 Product Identity Concept
Dial Design for the Launch Collection Models

Country: Switzerland
Released: December 13, 2011
Role: Design Coordinator of the Artistic and Technical development for the entire S51 project.
Duties: Concept, Research, Form Study, Graphic Design, Product Design, Product Identity, Watch Movement Concept, Material Development, Packaging Design.
One of the greatest innovation of the Sistem51 is that all the visible parts of the movement can be digitally printed in color. Like the movement construction concept (see  point 1.), the visual identity used for the Sistem 51 Dial Design is also based on the Copernican revolutionary solar system.

The central screw represent the Sun from which all the planets (Melting Points) and the satellites (Rubies) make their orbital rotation. Furthermore The Rubies The Dials and the Movement parts are always decorated with circular or spherical designs.