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Object + Visual

Swatch / Sistem–51

Movement Construction / Part 2

Sistem-51 / The Automatic Movement with only 51 parts

Print of the Movement Drawings and Simulations
Movement Concept Manual
Country: Switzerland
Released: November 2011
Role: Design Coordinator of the Artistic and Technical development for the entire S51 project.
Duties: Concept, Research, Form Study, Graphic Design, Product Design, Product Identity, Watch Movement Concept, Material Development, Packaging Design.
The genius of the Sistem51 is that it’s construction is based around circular geometric shapes, spread around five modules and linked to one another by only one central screw. The assembling of the parts, including the 19 jewels and the regulating organ, is done by highly-sophisticated machines and uses only solders. The balance wheel’s assembly and adjustment are usually the most sensitive tasks when manufacturing a movement. It requires the skills of trained watchmakers to achieve a good chronometric rate. In the Sistem51, it is adjusted by a laser that removes enough material to find that perfect balance, and therefore the perfect accuracy. And as the balance wheel and the escapement are made of a synthetic and anti-magnetic material, there is essentially no reason for them to deregulate.

The components are welded together to form a single assembly centered on a single screw. When Copernicus put the sun at the center of the solar system, he changed the whole way we perceive and understand life. Sistem51 is a Copernican idea in contemporary term!